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Whether you’re into HR, marketing or event planning, or you prefer accounting, guest services, or facilities management, there are so many fulfilling roles in the hotel industry. And so much room to grow. We sat down with hotel professionals across the country to hear why they love what they do. Get inspired by their stories below

The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) is a national organization that represents the interests of the Canadian hotel and lodging industry. Our mission is to promote the growth and sustainability of the industry by advocating for our members’ needs and interests.

Why people in the hotel industry love what they do


Events Concierge

“I’m working in hotels just like my father. I know that he’s very proud of me, I would probably tell him that we both made it.”


Room Supervisor

“The hotel industry gives everyone an opportunity to prove themselves. It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.”


Manager in Training

“The Canadian hotel industry is very welcoming, and it supports your growth.”


Guest Services Supervisor

“There are no limitations to working in the hotel industry.”

Jessica has Optic Atrophy and is excelling as a Guest Services Supervisor.

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